Ever fixed a problem and find out that it really didn’t fix it? Turns out, it was a bigger problem or a completely different problem so you’ve wasted a lot of time and resources fixing the wrong thing. What if you could know the exact problem so you could apply the right solution, every time? You can by IDS’ing issues and tying it to People, Process or Infrastructure.

The original problem statement doesn’t usually address the root cause.

The Real Issue!

Ever had an experience where you went to the doctor not feeling well but they didn’t know what to do so they tried various medications to see what would help?   You then tried them all and it still didn’t solve the illness, later to find that it was another illness. Just like your human body, you experience illnesses in your business body. You have an idea of what may be wrong, so you try different things to solve it. Applying solutions that don’t fix the problem wastes time, energy and money. Small businesses have limited resources so applying solutions that don’t work could kill a business.

Solve Systematically

You can have a better chance of identifying the real root cause and solving it by following this simple IDS process:

1.      Identify the issue.

  • Dig, Dig, Dig . . . to get to the root cause. Ask “why” at least 5 times. Don’t settle on a symptom. The real issue is much deeper than the visible symptom.
  • Once you know the real issue, state the desired outcome if the issue were solved.

2.      Discuss the issue.

  • What’s keeping you from getting to the desired outcome?
  • Is it a People, Process, or Infrastructure issue? Talk through it as a team. When things become repetitive, it’s time to solve.

3.      Solve the issue.

  • With the desired outcome in mind, come up with solutions.
  • Address the PeopleProcess or Infrastructure components to solve the issue to get to the desired outcome.
  • Agree on an action and assign an owner.

Getting Closer to Your Vision

Over 3500 companies are following the IDS process to solving their issues through the EOS model. Solving issues gets you closer to your vision. When following the IDS process, you solve the issue and it goes away forever so it doesn’t linger week after week, month after month, quarter after quarter.

What would your company look like if it were solving issues to propel you towards your vision? Imagine how you could serve your clients better, how more fulfilled your employees would be, how much more you would get from your business.

Are you prescribing a solution before diagnosing the real issue? Follow the IDS process and become a healthier organization.

Take the Organizational Checkup to gauge the health of your company! For more information on creating a healthy business lifestyle, read about the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).

To Your Business Health!

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